R501 leads the industry in R-value

InsulMaster’s R-501 product has decades-long track record of proven success for customers like Autozone, WAL-MART, CVS, Lowe’s, Babies R Us, and many others. It is unique to the marketplace and provides superior performance than traditional urea-formaldehyde foams. NCMA Tek 6-2b publishes industry standard R-values for loose fill and polyurethane foams to range between 4.9 – 5.6 in 8″ cmu at 105 pcf. R501′s wall test for NON-GROUTED 8″ cmu reports an R-value of 11.05 and a structurally GROUTED 8″ wall with a R-value of 5.74.

R-501 is OSHA compliant, odor-free, CFC-free, and has no ozone depleting gasses, making installation environmentally safe. R-501 comes in recyclable containers and is installed by trained professionals.



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